My Family

My Family

Friday, December 26, 2014

Samson Christmas Party

I was going to wait and do both of our work Christmas parties together, but mine got postponed until January. On December 5th, Trevor's work had their Christmas party at the Renaissance hotel here in Tulsa. It was a lot different than EY's Christmas party, but we still had a great time. Trevor even won a door prize! He got a big basket with nice cheese, wine, a knife set and a bar cutting board. They served some amazing food, had a dance floor, and the best part...a photo booth!!

It's so much fun to get dressed up, have a nice dinner and hang out with people in a different atmosphere. 

This was also the day before bedlam, so there was definitely some "trash talking" on who was going to win...
I didn't get ANY pictures of our fun bedlam party we had at our house, but we were definitely excited for the outcome!! We even had Orange Cinnamon Rolls the next morning in celebration!!!


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