My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Got Corks?

The last couple years Trevor and I have made home-made gifts for our friends/coworkers/family. I mainly do most of the work, but Trevor does help some of the time. ;) It's fun to work on a little craft together, getting some of that QT before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and it's fun to give friends a hand-made unique gift!
This was our craft this morning:
Cork Trees!!! 

I found all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby, except the corks of course! I wanted to make more trees than corks that I had, so I bought a box!
Hopefully this will last us a couple years  on our crafting!!

We made mostly small ones, but we did make a couple big ones as well!

If you have some extra corks laying around, this was a really easy project.

Last year we did a reindeer! 
Isn't he the cutest!!!

Now, go get crafty!! Happy Holidays!!

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