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My Family

Monday, October 3, 2011

Goodbye Little Bathroom

As I mentioned before my time here in Branson is coming to an end slowly but surely. Trevor was here this past weekend, and of course he took more of our furniture back to Tulsa. He took most of our outside furniture, so it really didn't effect much inside the apartment. This time I have decided to say goodbye and post pictures of our guest bathroom to go along with the previous post of our guest bedroom.

Please notice the picture above the toilet! A very good friend painted that for me! ;) She gave it to me at my bridal shower and she was so clever to paint me a sunflower because we used sunflowers at our wedding!
The white/cream colored rug is one of those microdry memory foam bath mats. They are so soft!! I highly recommend it!! 
Trevor and I picked all of this bathroom stuff out together. We bought it last year, and it was probably the first thing we really picked out together, which was exciting. Once we moved into the apartment in Branson and started decorating the guest bedroom, I wanted it to flow with this bathroom stuff so we incorporated the color green in both rooms. I really liked how it all turned out!

This bathroom is actually the largest in the I will post later, the master bathroom is teeny tiny! But this bathroom did it's job and was spacious enough when guests came into town. Also, since my little master bathroom is so small, Trevor used this bathroom when he lived here.

In the next week or two this bathroom will be all packed up! Goodbye little bathroom!

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