My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye Branson

Well, this is officially my last week in Branson! We got everything moved out of my apartment last weekend and I am staying with a friend this week. I was such a nice wifey, and I let Trevor move me out of the apartment a week before OSU homecoming so he could go to homecoming! I'm so thoughtful (secretly, I really wanted to go to homecoming as it was a win win!)

The last 2 rooms I packed up were the living room and my little bathroom...Trevor's stepbrother and fiance came in town with Trevor to help us move out (thank you so much!!) so I wanted to make sure the living room was still functional until the last minute possible...and I had to leave the shower curtain and things up in my bathroom so people could shower and things. I decided to go ahead and combine these last two rooms on this blog because everything is officially moved out of the apartment!

Living Room:

Most of the decor was added after the wedding...thank you friends for helping make it feel like a home! ;)
I love the clock! was not the funnest thing to hang! haha!

That TV stand took Trevor about 20 hours to put together! Good think we liked it after it was built! ;)
I loved having a balcony this year. Winston loved to just sit out there and watch people. 

The purple bowl was a wedding gift! ;) and the wine bottle holder is a gift Trevor gave me last year for has an M on it.

The picture on the bottom shelf was one that I did on a is a bunch of little pictures bunched together to make one large picture. A friend recommended the site to me and it made for a great gift for Trevor.
View from the balcony
My Little Bathroom
This is seriously the smallest bathroom in the world...but I made it work.


Just two more nights in Branson and then I will be joining my husband in Tulsa. It is definitely bittersweet because I have met some of the greatest friends here and my job is an absolute blast, but I am definitnely excited to see what the future holds, and of course actually get to live with my husband!

Goodnight all! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend!!!! I just got my costume together...I am going to be a witch! Get excited to see some pictures!!

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