My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me Time

I am definitely a person who loves my "me time." I never really mind being alone. I usually prefer shopping alone, especially if I am looking for something specific; and sometimes when I'm watching one of my favorite TV shows, I enjoy watching it by myself because I worry if the other person is enjoying it or not and then I end up not enjoying it. I know, sometimes I think I'm crazy too!
When living with Trevor, I would sometimes come home from work and just want 30 minutes to myself. I'm sure he was worried I was becoming depressed or something, but in order to not be depressed, "me time" is crucial!  
I used to think I was the only one who really enjoyed this time to myself, because Trevor doesn't even like going to walmart alone. But the more people I meet, the more common I find this need.
Well, after getting married, living with Trevor a month, and now living alone for 3 months, my "me time" isn't looking so great! I have way too much time to think and way too much time for TV. And I obviously have nothing better to blog about other than my "me time." haha! I have tried going to exercise in our gym at the apartment, but my feet are usually tired from dancing in heeled boots all day and no one is ever in there either, so I still end up being alone. Winston is always here with me of course, but he is lazy and sleeping a lot of the time!...

Anyway, I'm sure this is something that I'm always going to want, but I am definitely counting down the days until I get to come home to someone (Trevor)!!!
**17 DAYS!!!**

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