My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Start to Goodbye

Slowly but surely my time here in Branson is coming to an end. I moved here in March and started work, then Trevor moved here shortly after Graduation and the wedding. After living in Branson last year, I knew quite a few people would probably come and visit, so we decided to get a two bedroom apartment so we would have room for company. It was definitely a great decision on our part, because we have had our fair share of visitors. I knew I would only be here a little over 6 months, but I still like to make the place feel like home, so we spend a lot of time decorating. After the wedding, we had so many great things to add, so we kind of re-decorated the apartment. Well, as you know Trevor is already back living in Tulsa and I only have about a month and a half left, so every time Trevor comes to visit or I make a trip home we always pack a few large things. This way, we won't have so much to move on moving day. Before we take everything out of the apartment, I took some pictures just so I have some memories of this place, plus I really liked a couple things we did, so I want to have documentation when we move into our next place! Over the next month and a half I'll post a few pictures of each room as I'm saying goodbye to my little place! First up...the guest bedroom. This past weekend Trevor took my kitchen table, so I moved a couple things from the guest bedroom to the dining area to make it not so vacant. But here a few pics of the guest bedroom before moving things around!...
I had arranged this room completely different, but one day when I went to work, I came home and Trevor had redone it completely. So I have to give him most of the credit for this room!

Trevor and I picked out the sheets and duvet together. Although we think it looks cute, making that extra fold in the sheets is sometimes a pain in the butt when you are in a hurry to make the bed! haha! And when I was at work one day, Trevor went and bought that lamp! He is actually pretty good at this decorating thing!

All of the picture frames on the wall were wedding gifts. We take a LOT of pictures, so I really like the collage type picture frames!

The vase on the shelf is so pretty I couldn't put it away, but I never got around to putting flowers in it! And on the middle shelf is our professional graduation pictures. I never found a frame I liked for Trevor's pictures, so I'm still on the look out. You could say this is my unfinished project shelf!
Well there it is! My cozy guest bedroom. It definitely served it's purpose with so many people visiting us each weekend! The bed is still in there, so feel free to come visit us if you need a weekend vaca!

Have a great week!!! I'm off to the lake! ;)

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