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My Family

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Favorite Room in the House

Slowly but surely I have started packing up the apartment, and this past weekend I tackled my favorite bedroom. Every other day I go to the local liquor store to collect boxes. Their boxes seem to be the most sturdy because most of them were filled with glass prior to my stuff! The first thing I bought for this room was the bedspread/duvet cover and designed everything else around it to make it my favorite room!
Bedroom! I have to start with the TV...we used to have a massive, not so cool TV in the bedroom, but since Trevor is usually watching sports in the living room on our nice TV, this is usually where I end up, so I decided to buy a nice TV for the bedroom as well. 

I absolutely LOVE my bedspread (or duvet)! After the wedding, we added the large yellow Euro pillows in the back, and I think they really added a lot. Trevor picked out all the bedroom furniture before we even got engaged...luckily, I do like it! ;) We got the lamps at Pier One...Trevor just put the OSU garter I wore at the wedding on his lamp shade! And the blueish blanket at the end of the bed was a Christmas gift last year and we felt like it went really well with everything in our bedroom.
The pretty flower arrangement my friend helped me put together! ;) And my cute little clock that ticks really loud and drives Trevor crazy!

There were originally doors covering the closet, but when you tried to open the doors they were really close to hitting the bed and it just seemed really clustered, so we bought some black curtains to cover the closet. I was really pleased with how it all looked.

My little bookshelf! My favorite color is purple, and I saw in a magazine the shades yellow, light blue, and purple being a good color combination for a room, so I jumped on that and decided to paint my originally white bookshelf purple to go with my yellow bedspread and flowers, and light blue blanket. Starting at the top...the top shelf has one of my favorite pictures of me and Trevor. It is our prom picture. I know it's old, but I just can't replace it! On the second shelf, I have displayed my rehearsal ribbon bouquet from the wedding and gifts from people. The third shelf down holds my Graduation stuff! And the bottom shelf just has some books and one of my favorite pictures with my friends!

My other little originally white shelf gone purple!

Good bye little room!!
 Although all the furniture is still in the room, everything else has been boxed! In one week everything will be gone! I can't believe my time here has gone so fast!

Only two more rooms to showcase on the blog!! My bathroom and living room...coming soon!

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