My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend!

Living and performing in Branson, Trevor and I have had quite a few people come and visit us this year. This is one reason we decided to get a two bedroom apartment for our time here; and it was definintely a good decision...

There hasn't been a dull moment since we moved in.
The weekend before our wedding, our wonderful married friends, Andrea and Matt came to visit us...
We went to White Water for a day!

And miniture golf is always in the schedule! ;)
At this time, I had weekend off, so they weren't able to come out to the park to see the show, but we got two whole days to hang out, which was great!

After the wedding, Trevor's dad and Beverly came in town for fourth of July weekend!
We went down to the landing a couple times and spend LOTS of time out on the lake.

And watched some lovely fireworks displays!!
The following weekend, Trevor's mom and stepdad came in town...
We spent most of the time on the lake with his mom's sister and her family. We got our fair share of sun this weekend, which was well needed! ;)

Next up was Nichole and Josh...
One of the evenings they were here, we we on the Branson Belle

Then they came to see my show before heading out of town.
Lately, I have not had much action here at the apartment with visitors until this past weekend, when my amazing friends came back to visit! Andrea, Matt and Matt! ;)
They were so sweet and they came to see my show and have lunch with me on park!

the happy couple golfing!

Woosies!! ;) (too long to explain that!) I hope you are reading this Andrea!
  We played lots of Cranium and had a great time! So glad they were able to make it again before my time here comes to an end!

Although I'm moving out of my apartment next weekend, we still have one more set of visitors coming! I have loved my time here in Branson and I am so appreciative to everyone who came to visit and came out to support! Love you all!!

To top off this great weekend, OSU had another win!!! YAYYYY!
Here is my sidekick supporting the one and only team!

What A Wonderful Weekend!!!

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