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My Family

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Craft Project

Let me just say that I am not the most crafty person. I weigh the options of being crafty or just buying, and usually just buying wins. But everyone seems to be making those rosette flowers for headbands, picture frames, broaches, etc... So I decided it wouldn't be too difficult. I wanted to do something special for the girls at work, and since I'm usually taking pictures and things when we are out doing stuff, I decided to buy some frames, print some pictures that we have taken together, and make the rosette flowers to put on the frames! It was a success!

I looked up some tutorials online and then just made some stuff up and wahlah! Here is what I did!

First you will need scissors, fabric (whatever color you want your flower to be), an iron, frames (or whatever you are putting your flower on) and a hot glue gun.
First, take your fabric and cut into two inch strips. If you are making more than one flower, go ahead and cut however many strips you need. Fold in half lengthwise and iron. Then tie a know at one end.

Next you will need some kind of backing for your flower in which you will glue the fabric to. The tutorial said to use interfacing, but at this point I didn't have any of that, nor did I even know what it was. So I asked my mom what it did, and since I didn't have any, I decided to make due with a dryer sheet. So creative...I know. Then hot glue your knot to the center of the dryer sheet.

Now you are ready to get started!! From the knot, you will start some kind of variation between twisting, wrapping and gluing. You just twist the fabric a couple times, then wrap it around the knot, and glue it down. It will look something like this
 After you have everything glued down, you need to cut off the excess dryer sheet around the flower. And a flower would not be complete without a cute little center piece. ;)
Next, you need to glue your adorable little flower to your frame and add whatever picture you want in your frame. Here are mine! ...
So much fun to make and so easy!! I'm glad I didn't just buy some flowers to put on the frames! This way, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to! Thanks DIY!!!

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