My Family

My Family

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you to each and every person and family that has sacrificed for our country!

We had such a great weekend seeing family and friends. My brother and his wife (that's new getting to type that :)) flew into town on Thursday, so I spent the majority of Thursday with them. We went to lunch and dinner that day and in between we went on a walk around LaFortune. We also hung out on Friday before they left for the lake.

Passed out! He refused a nap that afternoon, so I'm glad he got a catnap while we walked around the park.

On Saturday a group of us got together with some friends who were in town from Fort Worth. We always love getting to see you all!

They were obsessed with the cooler!

I think all the babies had fun on the Ranger! And we sure do have the most amazing husbands who now make the best dads! :) It was fun getting all the babies together, having dinner together, hanging out and getting to show everyone the progress on our home. What a great evening!

I was at church all day on Sunday and then on Monday my brother and his wife were back in town from the lake, so we took my dad to lunch for his birthday.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! So thankful for our military men and woman!

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