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My Family

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Will You Join Me in a 30 Day Marriage Booster

Trevor and I have committed to doing this fun 30 Day Marriage Booster. I took a picture of them on my phone and have honestly been pretty bad at doing it. But, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD I am not forgetting! So I decided I would blog about it and invite anyone who is interested to do it with me! I am blogging about it because I don't have any other way of crossing off the ones I have done. I currently don't have access to a printer and the picture on my phone wasn't much help when I wanted to cross something I'm blogging about it daily and put an asterick (*) by each one that I have done.

*1. Find one thing to praise your spouse for today.
*2. Pray for God to increase your love for each other.
*3. Thank God for your spouse today.
4. Do something unexpected for your spouse today.
5. Send your spouse a "love" text today.
*6. Brag on your spouse to someone today.
*7. Hide an encouraging note for your spouse today.
8. Wear something today that you know your spouse likes you to wear.
*9. Pray that your spouse has a great day today.
10. Share a Scripture with your spouse today.
11. Give your spouse a card for no special reason.
*12. Compliment your spouse today.
*13. Look at your spouse with awe today.
14. Do something really romantic for your spouse today.
*15. Say "I love you" in a foreign language to your spouse today.
16. Do a chore for your spouse that he or she hates to do.
17. Spend an extra 30 minutes with your spouse today.
*18. Ask your spouse what his or her favorite date with you has been.
*19. Take a walk with your spouse today.
20. Make a wish list for your marriage together today.
21. Celebrate God's love for you as a couple today.
22. Try a food together neither of you has ever tried before.
23. Give each other 10 extra kisses today.
24. Ask your spouse how you can serve him or her today.
25. Look at your wedding pictures today.
*26. Plan a vacation for just the two of you.
27. Start saving for something you both want.
28. Praise your spouse for their faithfulness.
*29. Listen to your favorite music together today.
*30. Pray for God to deepen your love for your spouse today.

There you go, 30 day marriage boosters! By the way, I did not make these up! They are from the From This Day Forward marriage curriculum that Life.Church offers. If you are interested, I would seriously consider walking through this curriculum together. It is a game changer!!! Here is a link to the videos!

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