My Family

My Family

Monday, October 31, 2016

Brooks' First Halloween!

We had SO much fun getting dressed up for Halloween this year. Basically, a baby makes everything a little more fun! :)

My good friend Katy...yes, the same one who gave me Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, also gave me a Pistol Pete outfit for my baby shower. She did GOOD, to say the least! THANK YOU KATY! So, Trevor and I decided to stick with the theme and Trevor was Bullet and I was the Spirit Rider. It worked out perfect because it was also OSU's Homecoming this past weekend.

Our good friends and former LifeGroup leaders host a Halloween party every year. We decided to just make this year about Brooks, so we only went to the kid friendly part of the party. Here are some fun pictures...

We got him dressed for the party and he passed out before we left the house.

There was no good way to ride in his car seat with his costume this is what he looked like! Ha! I sat in the back with him and kept checking on him. He was just sleeping.

Sleepy Pete

So cute! 

These babies are THE CUTEST!!!!
He loved swinging

We also had a couple other "costume" clothes that we wore throughout the weekend.

Ninja Turtles of course! 

And a skeleton...I love that Winston cuddles with him.
Trevor's work hosted a little "Trick-or-Treat" party today, so, of course we got one more use out of this awesome costume.
I can't get enough of his smile! :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone had a good and safe time tonight! and PISTOL'S FIRIN'!

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