My Family

My Family

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brooks is 3 Months

I can't believe our sweet baby boy is 3 months old! It is going so fast, but I really am trying to soak in every minute!!

Here are our weekly photos. 




And here's what we've been up to!

Let's start with that 2 month was awful! Mr. Brooks had to get his 2 month appointment shots and it was terrible! I was all by myself too. I'm making Trevor take him to his next appointment where he will have to get shots. Poor guy was just thrown off his game for the day. Thankfully, he slept most of the day. 

We love sitting up and seeing everything that's going on. 

We hung out with friends and had a great time!


Cute PJ's from grandma. 

We have started using our bumbo seat and Brooks loves it. He does spit up a little more when he is in the bumbo, maybe just more pressure on his tummy than when he's laying down, but he doesn't care. He's still happy go lucky! 

But sometimes we are GRUMPY and know how to stick our lip out!

I love this picture and his cute monster slippers. 

His FAVORITE place to be is in his baby carrier. That's how we get anything done.


He looks so cute in his stylin' kicks. 

He is just the sweetest thing. 

He thankfully loves bath time! And he LOVES his daddy!

I love that Brooks already has so many friends! 


He has also started grabbing things and holding on. His loves his little puppy. 

We have been to several tailgates for OSU and even made a trip to Stillwater one Saturday!

I seriously love getting to spend the day with this kid!

He loves watching his pup. 

And wearing puppy pajamas. 


We have started taking naps in our crib. Wahoo! He has always slept in his crib at night, but naps during the day have been a little more challenging. Speaking of sleeping at night...this guy loves letting his mom and dad sleep! We are going 10 hours at night without waking up! Hallelujah! He's always been a great sleeper at night, usually sleeping from about 8pm to 8am waking up once to eat, but to go 10 hours without waking us is just awesome!


Brooks has been loving mirrors lately. I can really get him laughing when he's staring at himself in the mirror.

We made a second trip to Flying Tee.

He thinks snapchat is funny...


I helped my dad organize his office one day and Brooks came too. He was such a big help...well, it was helpful when he was asleep so we could get stuff done. 

He hates tummy time and usually just cries, but I got one good pic of serious determination. 
That only lasted a minute or two!

We love when daddy takes us to breakfast. 


We went to movie night in the park. 


And we went to another wedding. Congratulations Brett and Cana!

And just because he's cute...

It's been an eventful month and we love it that way!! Brooks Gabriel, I can't explain the love I have for you, but I am honored and so lucky that God picked ME to be your mom! You make me a better person! I love watching you grow, change and discover new things. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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