My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Outdoor Sectional

Ever since we built the fire pit we were also wanting to get some outdoor furniture to go around it. It has been a couple years and we never really found anything we loved, so Trevor decided he was going to built it. I'd say it turned out amazing!

I told Trevor he wasn't allowed to start on this project until we got a barn door, so that definitely sped up the process! ;)
A neighbor of ours build one very similar a few weeks before we did ours. He found a blog that had step by step instructions, so we were glad he shared that information. If you are wanting to build one, look up Ana White's blog.  She has plans for about everything! This is the picture/instructions we were following:

We went to Lowes and got all of the pieces and luckily Lowes cuts all of your wood for free, you just tell them the dimensions. 
It honestly didn't take but an hour or so to build. 

I had initially planned to make the cushions, but after pricing everything out and really thinking about how much work/time sewing all of that would be, we decided to just purchase the cushions. I got mine at At Home. 

The part that took the longest was the staining! Luckily, Trevor did all of that! 

We used the same stain that is on our barn door and outdoor bar
And the last thing we did once the stain was dry was put Thompson Water Seal on it. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

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