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My Family

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Man Cave - Part 2

In honor of the Man Cave, I am excited to say this is officially my 100 post!!! Crazy!!

I did Man Cave - Part 1 on July 8th. Click on the link to check that out if you haven't read it yet!
We have updated and added quite a few things!! As mentioned in the last post, Trevor wanted to cover the bar top with bottle caps. He had some friends do similar things in college with bottle caps, so since about sophomore year he has been collecting bottle caps! So the first thing we wanted to do was lay out all the bottle caps and see if we had enough/wanted to do some sort of design...
pouring the bags out.

Making sure they were all right side up.

Actually placing them side-by-side!

This is all we had!!!! We were shocked we didn't have enough after 3-4 years of collecting!

We guesstimated that we needed about 2,600 bottle caps to cover the bar and we had about 1,500 at the time.
Trevor wanted to spell "Cowboys" through the middle of the bar, so we ended up buying orange bottle caps online. Once those came in, we basically had to move all the bottle caps aside and start over with placing them in the right positions.

Trevor's dad gave us a ton of Bud Select caps, and since those are black we decided to go all around the orange letters with those.

Fun Fact: No two same caps are touching on the table (excluding the orange and bud select caps)
The caps just sat like this for awhile because we were deciding how to go about putting a clear gloss coat over it since the Glaze Coat is really thick. We decided to put polyurethane down first since it is really liquidy and it basically acted as a glue between the caps and the table top. A couple weeks later we put the thicker Glaze Coat over it and it worked perfect because none of the caps moved even though it was really thick.

I think we are going to put one more gallon of the Glaze Coat on it, but we are taking our time and waiting until after the holiday season because one gallon of that stuff is $60! It looks awesome though!
We have added some new additions to the man cave as well
As you can see we still have our dart board (far left) but we now have a Foosball table as well.

We finally added some decor! I like the OSU flag and the Man Cave Rules, however, we could probably do without the Animal House poster! Trevor just isn't ready to completely let go of college yet! ;)

Light up signs! (these obviously look better at night!)

Cool OSU chairs from Sam's!

 Our newest addition to this house is this...

A storm door! It was an early Christmas present from Trevor's parents! We absolutely love it!!! As you can see Winston loves looking out and seeing what's going on in the neighborhood.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday! Trevor actually has to work today, hence why I finally have time to catch up on some blogging!

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