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Friday, August 7, 2015

Double Oven Mitt

My mother in law bought this cute double oven mitt for me to have as a pattern to start making some on my own.
I tried it a couple different ways, but here is what I found to be the easiest so far.
You will need:
  • two different colored fabrics
  • batting
  • scissors
  • thread
  • measuring tool
  • double fold bias tape
Cut your two fabrics to be 31x7

Choose the fabric that you want to go on the top on each side and cut 2 to be 14x7.

Then take your batting and cut it to be the size of your 31x7. I did a double layer of batting, but after using it, I would definitely do a triple layer or maybe even 4 layers just because of the heat.
I used this batting because it can stand the heat since it's all cotton.

Winston obviously wanted to help
Then you need to cut the batting for your smaller 14x7 pieces. This does not need to be thick, so I just cut one layer of 7x7 batting for each.
Then fold it over.

You will then want to round all of the corners. I measured about 2 and 1/2 inches down on each side and started the rounding process from there. You will want to do this to your big 31x7 pieces and your now 7x7 pieces. On your 7x7 pieces make sure you are cutting the side that is not folded.

Once I cut one, I basically used it as my "pattern" for the other 3 that need to be cut.
Next is when we start sewing. Take your big 31x7 pieces and layer them all pieces of batting on bottom (I only used 2, but you will probably want to use 3 or 4) then put your two pieces of fabric right sides facing each other on top.
Make sure you leave an opening when you sew so you can fold it right side out after.
If you have any excess batting or fabric around your stitch feel free to cut that off. You don't want all of the excess fabric once you have to put the double folded bias tape around it. Then flip it right side out.
At this time, you can make this piece of fabric look almost "quilted". The original OSU that my mother-in-law gave me had this feature, but I decided not to do it on all honesty, I completely forgot to do it on mine until it was too late.
Can you see the quilted look on there? Basically start on one side and just run it through your machine and go crazy in making designs all the way across.

Then take your 14x7 folded around the batting, so now its a 7x7 piece and sew all around it. The right sides should be facing out for this one. Make sure you stitch really close to the edge because it will eventually be covered by the double fold bias tape and you won't want to see the stitching under it.
Now it's time to put it all together. Put your 7x7 pieces on the ends, they should line up really well or you will have trouble with this part. Then take your double fold bias tape and pin it all the way around your fabrics.

Then you sew it all around. Honestly, for me, this was the most tricky part because you have to make sure you are sewing through all layers. When you get done, make sure that all edges are completely covered. I had to go back and redo one part where I didn't sew through all layers and there ended up being a little hole. I am still perfecting working with double fold bias tape.
After redoing a couple parts, it looks great! I'm so happy with how it turned out!
Happy sewing!!

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