My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Barn Door

I literally have 1 million things I could be doing right now, but I decided I wanted to write a blog post instead of getting all of my todo list done.

I was so excited because on Monday we officially got my barn door hung! We ordered it mid summer and it arrived awhile ago, but we have been so busy that we just now got it finished!

I love it!!!

We put together the unfinished wood flooring...

Put the brackets around it...which honestly was the hardest part. 
I stained and painted it!
Ebony colored stain from Lowes
Aquarium colored paint from Sherwin Williams (I also used this color in our pantry and laundry room)
Then got it hung!

Even though our home was brand new and we built it, I still love adding our own special touches to it!! 

I posted this on Tuesday as #transformationtuesday

I have a few more of these to posts from our summer projects. I can't wait to share them all! 

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