My Family

My Family

Monday, September 7, 2015

Houseboat Trip 2015!

The last 2 years we have gone on a houseboat trip on Lake Ouachita. The first year we went the first weekend in May and it was super cold. Last year we decided to go over Labor Day weekend and it was perfect, so we decided to go over Labor Day weekend again this year. It's about a 4 hour drive to our destination and then it's 3 relaxing days on the lake. We had perfect weather and great company! What more could you ask for. Trevor always volunteers to be chef for the trip, so we had burgers and brats the first night with buffalo dip, BBQ chicken the second night with cream corn and prickle dip and tacos the third night. Trevor made us breakfast each morning as well. We definitely didn't go hungry. The best part is, everyone makes some delicious chexmix munchies and we snack on them all day!

Trevor and I drove down with our neighbors Cassie and Randy. We arrived first and the Yates weren't too far behind us. While we were waiting to get everything situated, Cassie and I went and got cute tanks!

We got out on the lake and found a destination for the evening. 
The next day was just a fun day on the lake!
We took some fun videos...but I guess I can't put those on here! :(

Around 5 that evening the Corbit's arrived. We went and picked them up at the dock and then headed out again and found a place to swim for a bit. 

Trevor got super excited about selfies!!


That night we got a fire going after dinner and hung out outside for a bit. 

We had another relaxing day floating around on Sunday, plus we all got super sunburnt! We are all paying for it today!! :(

The last night we watched the sunset, ate some dinner and then played UNO!
It was definitely a relaxing weekend with great company! Just what I needed!

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