My Family

My Family

Friday, June 20, 2014

Laundry Room

When we moved into our house our laundry room was very standard and not very efficient. 
It just had one bar running across the top and a shelf above that, which was entirely too high to reach. I also had to buy this little shelving unit because I had no where to put the laundry detergent/iron/cleaner/etc.  
So it was a bit cramped in the laundry room. 

There are of course a million ideas on Pinterest and a few caught my eye...

I LOVED the idea of using a ladder! So my original idea was to put in a cabinet to store stuff and put up a ladder to hang the clothes on! As time passed and the project was not moving along very quickly, I decided to make it easy on Trevor and do something a little more simple. So we decided to just add a cabinet and keep the bar and high shelf!

Taking down the shelf/bar. 

And here it is! Nothing too special, but I love the colors I chose and the efficiency. Now I don't have to have that shelving unit in there, so there is a lot more space! PS: please excuse our OLD washer and dryer that is decorated with lovely duck tape! We are looking into getting new ones in the near future! In the Pinterest pictures I really like the little shelf right above the washer/dryer. However, before I add that I want to get our new washer/dryer so we know the correct height.   

All in all, this little house project didn't take much time at all! We bought the cabinet at Lowes and I painted it, which took about 20 min. The tearing down and reassembling took only about 30 min. Just a fun little project that we got to do together. 

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