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My Family

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nothing a Little Organization & Paint Can't Help

With it being summer, I am always looking for projects to do around the house to keep myself occupied. Other than my normal workout on the elliptical in the morning and laying out by the pool in the afternoon, there is a lot of time in a day! I was watching The Pioneer Woman one day and she goes to her pantry and pulls out a basket full of the items that she is going to use on the recipe she is about to prepare...and that's when an idea sparked in my head! *I want to organize my pantry with baskets and maybe even label the baskets with whatever contents are in them* Yes, I know...I'm a bit of an organization freak! You can blame it on the teacher in me or maybe I was born with it! :)
So my hunt for baskets began! And let me tell you...they are not cheap! Plus, I needed about 15 baskets, so I wanted them to match for the most part. I ended up finding them at Gordman's because they had a lot of the same type of baskets and they were relatively cheap.
Here is a before and after photo!
Here are a few more detailed pics!...
In the process!!!

I love my baskets...
I then decided that I wanted to spice up the pantry a bit with a pop of color! I've been decorating more with a teal color, so I went to Sherwin Williams (since I had a 30% off coupon) and bought a fun color!!
Here it is all nice and finished!!!

I just love my new fun pantry!! Maybe I'll be a little more daring next time and paint something that someone other than me and Trevor might see when they come to my house! I haven't decided if I want to get labels yet. Right now I like it just how it is! :)

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