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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Microwave Bowl Holders

July is definitely my craft month! I have just loved sewing since Trevor's mom and grandma got me a sewing machine, plus when we moved into our house I basically have a craft room to do all my sewing in. It is so much fun getting to make home-made things for friends!
Here are a few of the things that I have made and you can too!!

Baby Blanket
Fabric Key Chains
Burlap Curtains
More Blankets and Key Chains
Insulated Casserole Dish Carrier
More Fabric Key Chains
Sandwich Bags
Oven Mitts
Bandana Bibs

For my birthday this year a friend of mine gave me the cutest gift. They were microwavable bowl holders. I have told myself since March (my birthday) that I was going to make these when summer rolled around! So here they are!

You can make all different sizes. In this post I will make a 10x10. This size works well for your everyday bowls, like cereal or oatmeal, etc. It is absolutely perfect for oatmeal. You get your oatmeal ready, then before you put the bowl in the microwave, you put your bowl in the hot pad. Then, when it is ready you don't have to worry about burning your hands when you take it out of the microwave. I usually eat my oatmeal while on the couch watching tv. So this is absolutely perfect for holding it the entire time I eat. Also, I LOVE ice cream. But I hate that it makes the bowl so cold and then your hand gets really cold. Again, what a great use for these bowl holders!
This is the video I watched on how to make them. This video is seriously helpful! She is great at explaining each and every step!

Things that you need:
2 fabrics *Must be all cotton* (you could just use one, but I like the look of 2 different ones)
Batting *Must be all cotton*
sewing marking pencil

  • Make sure you fabric and batting are all cotton. Polyester is a type of plastic so it will melt in the microwave!
  • Another side note, 1/2 a yard of each fabric and batting will get you:
    • 4 10x10 bowl holders
    • or a combination of 3 bowl holders of different sizes - 10x10, 12x12 or 15x15

Cut a 10x10 square for each fabric and a piece of batting to go with both.

Then with your sewing machine and whatever thread you want to use, sew an X on each fabric. The first time I did it, I pinned the fabric and batting together, but it wasn't really necessary. The fabric sticks to the batting so it doesn't really need to be pinned.

After you have sewn the X in both fabrics, take one of them (it doesn't matter which one because you will be doing the same thing to both) and we are going to make the darts. Fold it is half. To make things easier when you are using your sewing machine, always make sure that your fold is on the right side. Line up the fabric (don't really worry about lining up the batting, focus more on lining up the fabric) and pin it.

 With your pencil, starting on the ride side where the fold is, make a mark at the top over 1"
Then do the same thing, but going down 2"  and make a mark. (When you are making the larger bowl holders, this is the only step that will differ - when you are making a 12x12 bowl holder, you will go down 2 and 1/2" and when you are making a 15x15 you will go down 3")
Then connect your dots.
You will need to do the same thing to the other side as well. Again, to make things easy when you start sewing, keep the fold on the right side. So pick it up from the bottom and flip it over. (You can now see my pin on the bottom left hand corner.)
Now, when you pick up the bottom you should be able to see your last markings on the bottom right hand corner, like this...
Do the exact same thing to that corner - 1" to the left of the fold and 2" down, then connect your dots.
Then you will sew along both of the lines that you made.
Instead of back stitching to secure it, when you get to the end cut your thread and actually tie a little knot to secure it. Do this every time you make a dart.
When you open up your bowl holder, it should look something like can see the darts that you have made.
You are then going to make darts on the other corners as well. Fold your piece in half the other direction. Again, focus on lining up the fabric more than the batting.
Pin it in place and then make your same markings. Make sure your fold is on the right and make your marks 1" to the left of the fold and 2" down from the top and connect the dots. Flip it over the same way you did before, keeping your fold on the right and make your marks again.
Then sew along your lines. When you are done and open up your bowl holder, you should now see 4 darts.
You can then actually cut off the fabric on the outside of your darts. You don't want a bunch of extra fabric in there.
When your bowl is upside down, it probably looks like this...
Do the exact same thing to your other piece of fabric that you have sewn the X through.
Now you have two identical bowls. And your next step will be to attach them.
Put right sides together and then pin together the 4 corners. 
You will also want to pin on the darts as well. It will be kind of thick there, so you may want to kind of fold one dart to the right and the dart behind it to the left to make it easier to go through your sewing machine.
I put an extra pin to mark where I want to start and to remind me to stop because I need to leave a small opening so I can flip it right side out.

 After you sew along the edge, flip it right side out.

You will then need to close up the hole and do a top stitch around the whole thing. Fold the opening to look just like the rest of the bowl and then sew on top. Continue sewing until you have top stitched around the whole bowl.

 My helper was not so impressed!

My parents sold their house a little over a year ago and have been living in an apartment while they house hunt. They recently found a house and are closing August 4th; so I decided to make my mom these bowl holders as a house warming gift! Hopefully she won't read this blog post before I give them to her!! :)
I decided to make 2 10x10 bowls and 1 15x15 bowl. I figured those would be the best sizes so her and my dad can maybe use the 10x10 ones and when if my mom ever cooks, she can use the large one. They turned out so cute! I am super excited to give them to her!

Happy Sewing!!!

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