My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Doormat Project (3 years later)

In July of 2012 I blogged about a couple door mats that I spray painted that you can read about here. I wanted to do a follow up on that post. 3 years later my door mat now looks like this...

I'm not upset, I assumed the spray paint would kind of wear off, so I wasn't surprised. Luckily, I had over half of the spray paint can left, so I spent about 3 minutes today re-spraying the mat, let it dry in the sun for a couple house and voila! I have a newly painted door mat again and I didn't have to spend any money! Looks as good as new. 

I didn't mind the rustic beat up look of the door mat after 3 years...but I definitely like the bright popping color a little more! (Please ignore our dirty patio! Our pups have some dirty paws that trample all over our patio!) Just wanted to do a follow up on a DIY project! We don't use the orange one as much, it's by a door we don't frequently use, so it is still in pretty good condition. I guess that initial $35 I spent on all of the supplies and mats has paid off!

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