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My Family

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bibs Made Easy

We are getting to the age where several of our friends either have little ones, are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. So I thought it was time to try and make a few baby items.

I have made baby blankets before, but I wanted to try something new, so a bib it was!

I thought it turned out super cute!

Items Needed:
-fabric of your choice
-terry cloth fabric (flannel will work or a towel/wash cloth)
-fabric marker or blue tailors chalk
-hand sewing needle

I laid out my fabric and traced the template with my white chalk pencil 

Then cut it out!

Then take your terry cloth and cut it out the same way. I just used the first piece of fabric as my outline. 

Turn it "inside out" and pin along the edges. 
Then sew together leaving a small gap so you can turn "right side out". I would leave the gap on what would be the top left hand part. That way you can sew the snap on before you close up the gap. 

Turn the fabric right side out and hand-stitch the snap just to the black/terry cloth so you don't see the thread on the other side. 
This way you don't see the black thread on the OSU fabric. I didn't worry about sewing on the other snap because you can't see the black thread on the black terry cloth anyway

Then top stitch around the whole bib. 

Then you can sew on the other side's snap. 

And then you're done!!

I just loved how it turned out! I'm going to have to make a few more now since they were so easy!

Sew Cute!!

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