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My Family

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mexico 2015!!!

Warning: sorry for the picture overload!!!

Trevor and I got married a little over 4 years ago and we went to the best place for our honeymoon. It's called Secrets Maroma Beach. Since the day we left we always said that we wanted to go back and this was the perfect year to do just that!


We also didn't just want to go by ourselves, we wanted to experience it with friends. So we invited a few people that we thought we would have an amazing time with. My brother Wes and his girlfriend Katy decided to come and our friends from our Lifegroup Shelby and Chapman joined us as well. Although the other two couples had not met before, I was not worried at all. Everyone is super laid back and it was the perfect combination of people. We left last Wednesday, July 1st and returned last night, July 6th. It was the most perfect 6 days!

We left Tulsa around 8am and we were in Cancun about 1pm. Shelby and Chapman (I'll probably refer to them as the Barlow's) all had the exact same flight from Tulsa to Dallas and then Dallas to Houston. Wes and Katy were coming from DC. Their morning did not run as smooth as ours. When they got to the airport, they found out that their flight had been reschedule and they had missed their flight. Luckily, they were able to catch a different flight from DC to Miami and then Miami to Cancun. Crazy enough, we all got off our airplanes at exactly the same time and ended up just running into each other in the terminal! Seriously could not have planned that any better since our phones don't exactly work there. When we got to the resort we checked in, headed to our rooms and put our bathing suits on.

The resort offers activities almost every hour of the day, so you could be as active as you wanted or you could just enjoy the pool or beach/ocean. We initially got some lunch and then enjoyed the pool and took a dip in the ocean. That evening we hung out by the sports bar that had Pool and Ping-Pong and then ate dinner at the Seafood restaurant. We called it an early night since we had been traveling all day.

The next morning we ate some breakfast at the World Café. They have delicious omelets (I would eat one every day if I could!) I remembered these from our honeymoon, so I was super excited to have one again. They were as good as I remembered! After breakfast we hung out at the pool. We played a lot of water volleyball. The staff in charge of all of the activities made everything so much fun!


After a lot of time in the sun I took a little siesta in the room and then came back out and headed to the beach. Seriously, this was such a relaxing vacation. I loved every minute of it.

That evening we got all dressed up and went to dinner at the French Restaurant called Bordeaux.

That evening they had a comedy/juggling show that we went to and then they had a fire on the beach with live music. Wes and Katy ended up calling it an early night, so the Barlow's and Morris' got to hang out a bit. The juggling show was definitely entertaining and we had a great time sitting on the beach at night and listening to live music. The musicians were really good! Sorry, this is seriously not a good picture at all.
The next day was just a relaxing by the beach day. We played a lot of beach volleyball! Again, the staff made it so enjoyable and we met so many other people. We concluded that people were either on their honeymoon, or they had been there before and always wanted to go back with a group of friends - which is exactly the boat Trevor and I were in. We met several other groups including a wedding party from Tulsa! What a small world! Most every day we ended up hanging out with the other groups on the volleyball court.

That afternoon Captain Barlow took us out on the catamaran. These are seriously some of my favorite pictures from the trip!!

It never fails that I always get some crazy tan line and I'm really not sure how this one happened other than, maybe I touched my leg after putting on sun screen! Thankfully it all blended over the next couple days!

That night we had signed up for the XPLOR excursion. The Barlow's did this same excursion on their honeymoon and said it was a lot of fun; however, they did it during the day so we decided to change it up a bit and try it at night. We had so much fun! They have ziplines, amphibious vehicles, underground rafts, and underground rivers. None of the pictures were great, but we tried to take some! The ziplines were a lot of fun and on some of them you got to go as a couple. My favorite was probably the amphibious vehicles, but you are only allowed to do those twice. The raft was probably my least favorite and it was really neat to swim through the underground river.

I was super excited for Saturday because of two reasons...1. Trevor and I were getting a massage in the morning and 2. I was excited to see what the resort would do for the 4th of July!

First up: *Massages* It.was.amazing!!

Then we headed to the pool to meet up with everyone. Right when we got in the pool a little American Parade started happening around the pool. It was all of the cooks and staff delivering an American feast - mini cheeseburgers, popcorn, corndogs (which were amazing), shrimp, fruit, and much, much more! They even got on a raft in the pool and delivered it to everyone!

After the lovely American feast, came the foam party! Everything smelled like Johnson's baby shampoo!


It was definitely a fun day celebrating America in Mexico!
That evening we got all dressed up and headed to dinner at the Italian Restaurant called Portofino.

smooches in Mexico
That evening there was a Rock Concert in the theatre. They were actually really entertaining! After the concert we danced the night away at Desires Night Club until our feet were too tired to move!

Our last day slowly crept up on us. Trevor and I decided to order room service for breakfast and then head to the beach for one more relaxing day! It was filled with more beach volleyball, water volleyball, kadima and bachi ball.

I took a little siesta on the beach and woke up to the one rain storm we got while we were there. It was really neat to watch after we ran out of the rain and it only lasted about 10 minutes.
That night we had reservations at the hibachi grill called Himitsu, it was probably my FAVORITE dinner of them all! They seriously have some of the best food on this resort! Our cook was named Raul, and luckily Shelby knew quite a bit of Spanish so she was able to communicate with him!

After dinner we went and hung out at the little sports bar and then headed to the magic show. When it started all of us weren't quite sure if it was going to be entertaining, but he was actually really good! The magician that was there has been in the business for 27 years and definitely has an amazing reputation! A great show for our last night!

The next morning was our last morning in Mexico and one of Trevor's *Life Goals* that he made was to watch the sunrise in Mexico in 2015, so obviously this would be the only time to fulfill that goal. We woke up at 5:45 to watch the sunrise at 6:13. Unfortunately there were a lot of clouds in the sky so we didn't get to watch it rise right over the water, but it was still beautiful!

We ended up going back to sleep before we got all packed up to head back home. Luckily, all of our flights went fairly smooth and we made it home by 9 that night.

We had the best vacation with the most amazing people!! Thank you Shelby, Chapman, Wes and Katy for making this such a memorable vacation for us!! We love you all!! Viva Mexico!!!

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