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My Family

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bandana Bibs

My sister-in-law found out she was pregnant last fall and since I have been on a sewing kick, she asked if I would be interested in helping her make these cute bandana bibs. I, of course, said yes! I get to make my sweet nephew some bibs, plus I get to encounter a new sewing project! These are by no means something I made up. We used this website as a guide and printed their patterns.

What you will need:
Two different fabrics 
Velcro or snaps
Straight pens

I first printed the bandana pattern and my sister-in-law picked out fabric. I wanted cute thread to go with the fabric, so I got some thread that went well with all of the colors. These were honestly super easy!! 

First, cut your fabric based on the pattern. 
It's labeled on the pattern, but the fabric you want to go on the back is the U shaped one (the black fabric in my photo) and whatever you want to be the front side is the other one (the red one in my photo). 

You will then pin them together. You want the right sides facing each other. I stuck a pin through the center of both, just to keep the centers lined up. 

I started from the bottom V part when I pinned. I went up along the right side...
And stopped about half way down the inner U shape. Then I did the other side the same. 

The inner U shape is a bit baggy so you are able to make it look like a bandana. So you have to make 3-6 little pleats. I did 4 pleats on most, but some required a few more, so just use your best judgement on each. 

Now it's time to sew. Sew along the outside, but leave a small opening so you will be able to flip it right side out. 

It might not line up perfect, but that's okay.
Then flip it right side out through your small opening. 
Before you sew along the outer edge, you will want to iron it just to flatten it out  so it lays exactly how you want it. 

You will then want to do your top stitch. I chose black thread for the bottom and red thread for the top. 

After you do your top stitch you will want to finish it with Velcro or snaps (or whatever you choose). I would probably do snaps, but my sister-in-law wanted Velcro, so Velcro it was!

I just love how they turned out!

I think Mr. Jude is set for bibs for awhile!! When he is born I will have to take a picture of him wearing them!!

Happy sewing!!

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