My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goodbye House on Indianapolis

I grew up in the same house the majority of my life. Then, after my Junior year, my parents decided to move and it happened to be a really unique house. It was almost six-thousand square feet and it had some of the craziest features-a boardwalk in the atrium, two spiral staircases, a pool, hot tub, and sauna, access to the pool from the master bathroom and 136 windows!! My parents lived there for 9 years and we definitely enjoyed it while it lasted. However, earlier this month it sold and they have officially moved out. It was such a unique place that I wanted to post some pictures of it and share some of my memories there!

  • During my senior year I basically had two bedrooms. It had so many rooms and my brother was in college, so I took over a few. I had a bedroom and a tv room! 
  • In college it was always a fun place to stay especially during the summers and winters because it had a pool for the summertime and a hot tub for the winter. I probably took more advantage of the hot tub.
  • After college and after Trevor and I got married Trevor and I lived in the cabana/pool house. I had just moved back from Missouri and we weren't sure what was in store for us. When I got my job at Union we decided to build a house. We were so thankful that we had a place to stay while we were figuring out our next move and while our home was being built. Our bedroom was in the pool house and we made the game room above the garage our living room!
The outside

Entry boardwalk/Access to office
 The formal dining room.
 The formal living room
Formal living room and upstairs is the library/office.
 Family Room
 Which is connected to the kitchen.
And dining room
 Master Bedroom
 Master Bathroom where you can get in the pool!
 master closet/bath
 pool house/cabana and hot tub

Inside the cabana/pool house

Tiny cabana bathroom
one of the game rooms
 Ping Pong Room/Mine and Trevor's living room when we lived there.
 View off the ping pong room balcony
 My bedroom
action shots..
 pretty ladies just hanging out!
That would be Trevor
Such a fun house!! Two people living in a house don't need six thousand square feet though...they would lose each other! We definitely had some great memories there, but we were ready for it to sell! Goodbye House on Indianapolis!

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  1. Such sweet memories for you, Jillian! I hope that you're loving your new house (and that your parents didn't move too far away!). Miss you guys!

    Sarah Coe