My Family

My Family

Friday, July 27, 2012

Reuse Revamp Repurpose

As mentioned yesterday, I re stained and repainted an old bench that Trevor's grandma had given to us.
Here is what it looked like originally
It really wasn't in bad shape at all, we just wanted to revamp it a little. It has some spots on the metal that looked like this:
So a guy at Lowes told me to use a neutralizer on it. (I used vinegar and water because I was told it would give the same results.)

Then I put a primer on it that also helps with rust

I waited about two hours and then spray painted it the color I wanted. -Which, if you saw yesterdays post I actually used the same color green that I used on the doormat

After the spray paint dried, I started putting stain on the wood to make it a dark rich color. I actually used the same color that Trevor used on his bar.
The color is Ebony

And here it is next to my new green doormat by our back door!


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