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My Family

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pick Me Pick Me

So I saw a cute idea from a website and I thought it would be great for my classroom. If you are a teacher, I'm sure you have that moment where you ask a question to your class and not a single hand goes up. Or, as I'm sure we all hate to admit, sometimes we know some students are just not paying attention. Well instead of always calling on the hands that shoot up when you ask a question, I decided to make a "Pick Me Pot"Here is the original:
Here is mine and how I did it...
I found a circular object (a protractor would work best) and outlined it and then put numbers in each one.

Then I cut out a little bit larger circles for the background. Then I glued them together.

Next up, glue them to popsicle sticks.

I got the little cup/pot at Target for $1.00.
Now hopefully all my students will be paying attention knowing they might be called on at any moment! ;)

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