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My Family

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Man Cave - Part 1

I'm not really sure how many "parts" this post is going to have, but here is the first one dedicated to Trevor's man cave! One of the perks of our home is, it has a 3-car garage. Prior to moving in we decided that the 3rd car garage would be Trevor's man cave.

I was very excited about this because technically the man cave is not "inside" the house! That is a win win in my book. Our main focus has been on the inside of the house and getting everything finished. (Even though, as most home owners would agree, you are never really 'finished' with a home. There are always more projects you want to do). We wanted to have friends over this weekend so Trevor was really motivated to get a move on the bar. The past few weeks he has been working non stop on his man cave. Speaking of this weekend and having friends over...we had such a great time and sadly I didn't take a single picture!!!! I'm very disappointed in myself!...but here are a couple pictures of the progress to the man cave.
Just starting the frame

As you can see he made the dimensions to fit a cooler, a trash can, on the far left will be a mini fridge, and the corner will be shelves.

Please notice the ORANGE wall! This was my contribution to the man cave.

Everything fits perfectly.

We were not planning to put a TV in the man cave until later, but we got a really good deal on a day we were not really looking for one. So we put the new TV in our living room and moved the living room one to the man cave.

He initially bought a cherry looking stain for the trim pieces. After seeing it up against the orange wall it was what we were looking for. The barn tin was all Trevor's idea.

After painting a different stain over the first one. It looks almost black with a little hint of cherry now. It looks great!

The top of the bar will eventually be bottle caps, which Trevor has been saving since his freshman year of college! We have several things we would like to hang on the walls, but that time will come soon. Trevor got an awesome idea for the bar will just have to wait and see about those! And the final touch will be a pool table...that probably won't be for awhile!
If you need any help building a bar (or something like it) Trevor is pretty close to a pro now!

Have a great Sunday!!! I just noticed I have officially been blogging for a year! Happy Blogger Anniversary to me!

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