My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doormat Project

Trevor and I have been looking for nice doormats to go at our front and back doors. I didn't really find anything that I liked so I saw an idea on pinterest (what's new) and decided to try it out!

First I found just black rubber doormats at Target ($12.99 each) I bought two of them.
I then bought spray paint...
orange to go by the front door

green to go by the back door. I would almost recommend this spray paint more for this type of project because it dried a lot quicker than the other brand.
After painting

I did about 3 coats on both of them

Here they are next to the doors...
I wanted it to match my wreath...if you saw my wreath blog then you know I changed the color of the numbers. Orange just looked better next to our trim and brick color.

I'm in the middle of redoing a bench (I'll maybe post about that tomorrow) and the sides of the bench are green so I thought it would look perfect next to this doormat!
This might not have been the most cost efficient way to get doormats, but all in all I spend about $35 for two doormats, and I had a little fun while doing it.

Happy Thursday!

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