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My Family

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Third Trimester - Baby #2

Here is a fun filled overview of the third trimester with baby number 2.

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July 19th - Whenever Rhett decides to make an appearance.
I had Brooks at 39 weeks, so I decided to go ahead and post this at 39 weeks. I'm sure the next week won't have too many other changes.

Baby Size: Again, I'm just stealing this from when I was pregnant, and on top of things, with Brooks. I rarely know any of this info this time around. Ha! By week, here we go: 28-Eggplant, 29-Acorn Squash, 30-Zucchini, 31-Asparagus, 32-Squash, 33-Celery, 34-Butternut Squash, 35-Pineapple, 36-Papaya, 37-Romaine Lettuce, 38-Winter Melon, 39-Pumpkin (its only fitting that Pumpkin would be at the start of October!)

My Symptoms: I'm not tracking things weekly like I did with Brooks...but this has been an interesting 3rd trimester. My pelvic bone continues to hurt, especially if I have been sitting for any number of minutes and I get up to walk. I got a rash on my stomach that last about 2 weeks and was super weird. When I finally got rid of the rash I broke out in hives all over my body for another week. I have had some serious heartburn! And I feel like I have to pee even if I just went pee minutes before. I have also been having several contractions daily...which makes me super excited because that means I get to meet this little dude soon! Like I said, what a weird third trimester. But so thankful for health for me and the baby!

Weight: I have no idea what my weight was on a weekly basis, but as of last week when I went to the doctor I was up 17 pounds from my original weight. I think chasing a toddler around has helped in this area, because that is wayyyy less than what I gained with Brooks.

Gender: Baby BOY! Rhett Michael Morris

Maternity Clothes: I have several maternity jeans and shorts that I have been rocking for some time now. I don't have any shirts that are specifically maternity, so I have just been wearing the same tank tops that fit and I like to have some type of cover/sleeveless jacket. Dresses are also my friend right now. :)

Movement: All.the.time! There is just no more room for him!

Sleep: I am an excellent sleeper and pregnancy really hasn't hindered that much. I usually wake up between 2 and 3 to pee but fall right back asleep after. There have only been a couple nights that I have had trouble falling back asleep.

Cravings: ICE! I seriously crunch ice! Sonic probably knows my name because I'm there on a daily basis getting a large cup of ice. It's an expensive large cup of ice, but totally worth it. ($0.65 for those of you wondering :))

Work Outs: Me and Brooks normally go on about 3 walks a week since the weather has been nice. It has been great to get out of the house and not die of heat!

Best Pregnancy Moment: My sweet baby shower that my moms group threw for me! Gosh, it made me feel so special and really appreciate the wonderful and supportive mom friends I have!

Goals for Next Trimester: There isn't another one!!!! Wahoo!

Thoughts: I am sooooooo ready!!!!! I know life will be crazy with 2, but I am so excited to see our new normal!

Here are some pictures from this trimester:
Baby Shower - 32 and 1/2 weeks pregnant 

33 and 1/2 weeks preggo

But seriously!

35 weeks and 2 days

37 and 1/2 weeks preggo

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