My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Kitchen is Done!

I love making progress on the house and seeing everything come together. I will say, I do have a fear of hanging things on the wall yet because I want to absolutely love everything that goes up. I don't want to not like it in a year and want to replace it, so I am going slow and trying to enjoy the process. :) The kitchen is definitely something you need in working order pretty quickly upon moving in because you do so much in there and spend so much time in there. So, here it is! I would have posted these quite a while ago, but we were waiting on our cabinet people to come and fix a few things.

I LOVE all the natural light. I rarely even turn lights on during the day.

I love our coffee cup holder. So happy with how it turned out and that it stemmed from quality time with the hubs!

I was a little hesitant about floating shelves at first because you have to have everything looking nice all of the time...but I am pleased to say I love them!

I have to give Trevor credit here...I initially wanted plain white dishes, but Trevor found those and thought they'd look good. I'm glad I trusted him.

I love our huge bar! 
Our next rooms to complete are the nursery (it's basically done, but I want to add a couple things after the baby comes) and our master bathroom. Then I'll try to get some things hung on the wall in the main living areas.

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