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My Family

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Second Trimester - Baby #2

Here is a fun filled overview of second trimester with baby number 2.

You can read all about the first trimester here!

April 12 - July 18th

Baby Size: Again, I'm just stealing this from when I was pregnant, and on top of things, with Brooks. I rarely know any of this info this time around. Ha! By week, here we go: 14-Lemon, 15-Naval Orange, 16-Avocado, 17-Onion, 18-Sweet Potato, 19-Mango, 20-Banana, 21-Pomegranate, 22-Papaya, 23-Grapefruit, 24-Canteloupe, 25-Cauliflower, 26-Head of Lettuce, 27-Rutabaga. He went from being 3.4 inches to 14.8, that is a LOT of growing!!

My Symptoms: I didn't really keep track weekly like I did with Brooks, so I feel a little out of touch with how things were at the beginning of the second trimester. I can tell you that my energy came back right at the beginning of the second trimester, which is pretty normal. Also, most of my scary side affects disappeared when the second trimester started which means I could go back to only visiting the doctor every 4 weeks instead of every week. Thank goodness! I started getting really bad headaches around week 20. I get them about every day. I usually drink a little caffeine when it gets unbearable and it goes away for a couple hours. The worst part has been my pelvic bone. If I sit for any number of minutes, when I get up my pelvic bone hurts so bad. I did not have this issue with Brooks, so this is a new one. I also have to pee ALL.THE.TIME!

Weight: I have not really kept track of my weight. To be honest, I feel huge! From the beginning I have felt so much bigger than I did with Brooks, but the scale says something different. I was honestly shocked every time I went to the doctor and the number was significantly lower than I thought it would be. I didn't really pay attention until Week 21. I stepped on the scale and I was the exact same weight that I was with Brooks at Week 20. However, I started this pregnancy about 5 pounds heavier than with Brooks, so at Week 20, I had only gained 5 pounds. My next appointment was when I was 26 weeks pregnant and I was only up another 3 pounds, so in total I have gained 8 pounds. Just this week, I feel like baby has grown a ton and I am looking really pregnant, so I'm anxious to see what it will be the next time I go in.

Gender: We knew we wanted to wait and be surprised with Brooks, but this pregnancy was enough surprise in itself, so I knew I wanted to know the gender as soon as possible. No more surprises!! We are having a sweet baby BOY!!!!! Rhett Michael Morris

Maternity Clothes: I had several pair of normal jeans that fit for a long time, especially if I did the hair tie trick. However, I don't have many shorts that fit. Last year I basically wore maternity shorts through the summer since I had Brooks in July or I wore athletic shorts. So my normal shorts haven't been worn in 2 years. So, when it came to shorts, I just wore things that I wore last year. To be honest, I need to start all over in the shorts department, so next summer that is what I'll be shopping for. As far as tops and dresses, I don't really have any maternity tops, I just bought a few Large tank tops from Target and I had some from last year and those seem to suite me just fine. I wasn't as stubborn to the idea of switching to maternity clothes this go around. Honestly, they are so much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into clothes that are just a little too tight. Especially being so hot outside, I just want to be comfortable.

Movement: Let me just say, this kid is ACTIVE. Holy cow! He never stops moving. Around week 18 I felt him moving all the time. Week 21 was the first time Trevor was able to feel him move and Week 24 I could see my stomach moving a lot from when he would kick or move. I feel like every time I look down at my stomach, he is moving and I constantly feel him all day and all night! I'm not sure if he sleeps.ever. I absolutely love that feeling when they are wiggling around, but my goodness, I think we have an active fella on our hands.

Sleep: Honestly, sleep has been normal. I make sure to go pee RIGHT before I lay down for bed and I am usually asleep and good until around 5 in the morning. At that time I can't think about anything other than having to go pee. I usually fall back asleep though for awhile before getting up for the day. Just this past week I noticed that I have been getting up around midnight or 1 to pee, but I usually go back to sleep really quickly after I get back in bed. This has eliminated me getting up at 5, so really, I have no complaints in the sleep department. I usually get sleepy during the day because of the headaches, but it has been hard to squeeze in a nap.

Cravings: I haven't really had any cravings, but I do find it acceptable to have some type of dessert every.night which is NOT a great habit. I also don't really care for Mexican food, which is usually a food I LOVE!

Work Outs: The first trimester was touch and go there for awhile and I was advised to not work out, so, now that all of those complications subsided and I am feeling better, I have been more active. I don't necessarily "work-out" but Brooks and I go for a walk around the neighborhood across the street every day. (This has slowed down this week because it is SO hot!) At the very least, I get 10,000 steps every day. This is actually a goal of mine until baby #2 arrives.

Best Pregnancy Moment: Finding out the gender----BOY!!! And getting to feel his sweet kicks all day long! We are also working on Brooks saying "baby." He will say it when he feels like it. Haha!

Goals for Next Trimester: Enjoy these last 12 weeks. I honestly don't plan on having any more babies, so I'm going to try to soak it up and enjoy as much one-on-one time with Brooks as possible and enjoy being pregnant for the last time.

Thoughts: Wow, I am nervous for 2 (under 2...haha). I have no idea what our lives will look like come October, but there are definitely bittersweet feelings. I love our life with Brooks, so I know 2 babies will be twice the blessings, but there is also this feeling of ending a chapter in our lives of only having one kid and wanting to spend as much quality time with Brooks as possible. It's also amazing to me how I feel like I have been pregnant forever, so, to me the pregnancy is going slow. But, I feel like weeks are flying by in Brooks's life. It's bizarre.

Here are some pictures from this trimester:
It's a BOY!!!

You can read about our Gender Reveal here!

Mother's Day!! Mr. Brooks and future Rhett make me a mama and I could not love these babies anymore!!!!

20 Weeks! Half way there pic! 

20 week profile pic.

27 weeks going on the third trimester!

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