My Family

My Family

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rhett's Third Week

It's amazing how a baby can fit so perfectly into your family! Rhett is the perfect addition and it’s honestly hard to remember life before him. I’m sure we got out of the house a little faster, I changed way less diapers, I got a little more sleep, but it’s hard to remember life without him. Thank you Jesus for this sweet surprise in our life!

Here is our life in photos of week 3. 


I’m so thankful for a good sleeper. 

This is Brooks intentionally rolling things under the entertainment center so then he can say “help please” and have me help him get the toys. Ha!

My double stroller came in! I love it!

Melt my heart! <3

Is he not the cutest!!!

On Thursday we went to the Tulsa Botanic Gardens. This was our date night with the kiddos. We had such a great time!

I love them so much!!!

So sweet!

Getting to hang out with these two is my dream job!

This onesie is too cute not to show off! ;)

My little book worm!

Friday night...both babies asleep in their crib! ;)

Watching the Cowboys play...or sleeping through it. Haha!

Brooks loves to wear this bucket on his head!

Goodness, he is precious!

Rhett Michael, you are precious! We love you so much and can’t remember life before you. You have the sweetest demeanor. You rarely cry, but when you do there is something instantly that can be done to fix it and you stop crying. You are a great sleeper which we are so thankful for! Brooks is slowly warming up and it’s so sweet to see you two together. If your lose you hat, Brooks will bring it to you. If your bump cloth is laying on a different couch or on the floor, Brooks will bring it to you. If you are laying down on your play mat, Brooks wants to come and join. It is so sweet! I can’t wait to see your relationship bloom over time...but, for now, I’m loving the newborn stage. Yes, even the middle of the night feedings. 

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