My Family

My Family

Monday, June 2, 2014

New Adventures

I wrapped up my time at Union this past Friday and am now about to embark on new territory! I am excited to say that I am a Broken Arrow Tiger again! 🐯

I will still be teaching 6th grade math - which is good for me! I can't handle too much change all at once! Lol! So I'm happy to be switching schools but sticking to what I know and love! I will be at the new Middle School in BA called Oneta Ridge! I got a little tour of it a couple weeks ago and it is beautiful! I'm super excited about the ice machine that makes ice like Sonic!! It really is the little things! 

Along with teaching 6th grade math, I am also going to be the 8th grade CHEER COACH! 
Tryouts this year-thanks for the photo Missi!

Although I have never cheered a day in my life, I have always had a love for performing and performing has always been a part of my life!
Gosh that makes me miss performing with these wonderful people in this fun show!...

I am ecstatic that summer is here and that I get a few months to rejuvenate, but I am also ready for these new adventures to begin! 

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