My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Last Couple Weekends

I love summertime! I get to relax, clean, workout, walk the pups, catch up onshows, anything I want during the week and on the weekends I feel like we are booked solid! Last weekend we had a couple things going on. 
First up, a bunch of Phi Delts were in town for a golf tournament thing they had set up. The golf tournament was scheduled to take place on Saturday and on Friday they had a big get together at The Hard Rock. We (Trevor) was not able to participate in the golf tournament, but we did go and hang out with everyone on Friday. 
I loved seeing all these guys and catching up! 

On Saturday we had to wake up really early because we had to head to Kansas. My cousin's wedding was taking place that evening on my grandma's farm. I usually only see this side of the family during Christmas, so it was great to see everyone and catch up mid-year!
Where the ceremony took pretty!

It's hard to see, but the hay bales say Carley & Spencer

It was extremely windy!

But that didn't stop the beautiful ceremony!

Onto the reception...

They weren't so nice!

My handsome date. 

First dance

My amazing grandparents dancing!! They won the contest on who has been married the longest!! 62 years!! I love them so much and they are such a great example on what to strive for in a marriage. 

This past weekend Trevor had a guys weekend planned at Spider Creek! I don't think guys take that many here is the only one I saw.
They looked like they had a great time! While the guys were gone I got to hang out with the pups, plus I dog-sat for one of the guys going on the trip. His dog is actually related to Whiskey! They have hung out a few times and they just have a blast together. 

Two peas in a pod!

This guy was not so thrilled about having another big dog around the house! I'm sure this was him saying Whhyyyyyy!

I just love weekends!

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