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My Family

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Second Trimester - Baby #3

Second Trimester- Baby #3!!!

Here is a fun filled overview of second trimester with our sweet baby girl! I love getting to read these and compare all the similarities and differences with all my pregnancies!

You can read all about the First Trimester Here!

Baby Size: We have gone from the size of a lemon to an eggplant!! Lots of growing happening for sure! I can feel it and you can definitely see it!! HAHA!

My Symptoms: Thankfully my energy returned at the beginning of the second trimester and my sickness pretty much subsided. By the end of the 2nd trimester, I was definitely feeling a little more tired and wanting to go to bed earlier and earlier. The worst part right now is my pelvic bone. I had this same problem with Rhett. If I stand for too long, don't wear really supportive shoes, or even sit for any number of minutes and then stand up, my pelvic bone basically feels like it is breaking. Not exactly sure what that would actually feel like, but I can imagine based on how excruciating this can feel! My other annoying symptom that has been around since the beginning is feeling out of breathe. It's hard to sing because I can't get enough air. It has nothing to do with being out of shape because I have worked out consistency during this pregnancy and was probably in the best shape of my life before I got pregnant. It's just crazy how exhausted I can feel and how out of breathe I am after one song.

Weight: I think I am up about 20 lbs from pre-pregnancy. I try not to weigh myself too often, but I'm always a little curious!

Gender: GIRL!!! Holland Rose Morris! I can't wait to meet this sweet thing and I sure hope she likes PINK!

Maternity Clothes: Around Week 27 I think I jumped in and started wearing maternity pants. My other ones, even doing the hair tie trick, were getting uncomfortable and I decided it was time! Haha! As far as shirts and dresses, I mainly wear my normal clothes. I have to wear an undershirt since some of my shirts are a little short to wear with maternity pants.

Movement: She is ACTIVE! I love getting to feel her move around! Trevor has felt her several times, but I swear every time I tell him "she's being so active" and Trevor tries to feel, she stops! Haha!

Sleep: I'm a great sleeper! Haha! I've had a couple restless nights or nights where I really struggled with heartburn, but most of the time sleep is great!

Cravings: Ice Cream and ICE! I want to crunch ice ALL.DAY.LONG!

Workouts: The first trimester was definitely non-existent! However, second trimester has been GREAT! I completed 68 workouts during my 2nd trimester and I'm pretty darn proud of that!

Best Pregnancy Moment: I have had lots of wonderful pregnancy moments. I'm honestly just really excited and filled with joy (no, I'm not in the best mood all the time and I feel like I am more irritable with the boys sometimes) but overall, I have an amazing sense of joy! I think the neatest thing during this whole pregnancy is seeing how excited Brooks is to have a sister! It melts me every time he talks about her!!

Goals for Next Trimester: Enjoy the last few weeks! I know this is going to be the last time I'm pregnant (I know, I know...I said that last time! HA!) But, I think I mean it this time. I want to soak up as much time with the boys as I'm sure our lives will definitely change once she arrives. I'm going to enjoy my ice cream that I want every.single.night (HA!) and I'm going to finish this little girls room!

Thoughts: I.CAN'T.WAIT for her to arrive! It's definitely a different feeling going from 1 to 2 and now 2 to 3. Going from 1 to 2, I felt like a chapter was closing, I felt a little guilty about my one-on-one time with Brooks ending. I don't really have any of those thoughts this time around. I know how to create one on one time with each kiddo and I know how special it is to have a sibling, so I'm really just excited for her to be here and continue doing what we're doing.

Here are a few pictures from 2nd trimester...
14 Weeks

14 Weeks

Finding out it's a GIRL!!!

16 Weeks!
17.5 Weeks

Girls got muscles already!! HAHA! 

20 Weeks! 

20 Weeks with all 3! Brooks, Rhett and Holland!
I made working out a big priority through the 2nd trimester, so I had to include this one! I love Brooks' encouragement! 

23 Weeks!

27 Weeks

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