My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Date Nights are back!!!

Last year was not the best year for us with our “date night” life and we both felt it! I’m not exactly sure why except, my work got much busier and the night we usually had scheduled for date night I would end up swamped and need to get a million things done. I’m not sure why we didn’t recognize this earlier but we decided to change some things up so we could make this a priority again this year. 

My sweet husband knows that my love language is going out to eat (you think I’m joking...I’m not)! In preparation for the new year, one of our date nights in December was the go through and choose 12 new restaurants that we want to try, one per month. So we automatically have this one date night built in to our month!! Our January restaurant was Bohemian Woodfire Pizza! It was delicious and it was a really nice one-on-one time with my best friend! 

The second thing my sweet husband did was sign up for a date night subscription. We’ve done Date Box before and had some really fun ones and ones that we didn’t think the money was worth it. So, Trevor did some research and found a new one called Crated with Love. The thing I love about it is it’s all centered on a theme. The first one we got was all about communication. So the 4 different activities in the box were all centered on us communicating well. The one we did this month was all about treasuring your spouse! Hence the PIRATE theme! 

I didn’t win much so I was stuck wearing the patch! Ha! 

My favorite part was the last challenge. They gave us this cute little treasure box...

And the challenge was to write something you treasure about your spouse, stick it in the little treasure chest and hide it somewhere your spouse would see it that day. And then that person would do the same and it keeps going back and forth for the week. It was really sweet to wake up to every morning! 

We actually got a couple bonuses in January! First up, Neighborhood Jam! This was on our list as a restaurant to try this year but the opportunity presented itself early so we took advantage since they are almost always packed! This was a fun one with the boys too! 

And we are currently headed out of town for a weekend getaway just the two of us! Call it a baby moon, call it a getaway, whatever it is, I’m super excited for an uninterrupted weekend with my best friend!! 

If you aren’t currently dating your spouse, START!!! It’s seriously a game changer!!! 

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