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My Family

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Slip-Slide-Play! It's Brooks' 2nd Birthday

This sweet boy turned 2 YEARS OLD on July 1st!!!

I am so in love with this sweet/ornery thing!!

He has been loving water and the pool lately and I knew it would be hot for his birthday, so we decided to do a Slip-n-Slide and Pool combo for his party. It was a hit!!! I LOVED watching all the kiddos splash in the pool and it was so neat watching all of them attempt the slip-n-slide! The ones that were 3 and older had it down! They were just trying to get as far as possible.

The invitation

Fun party favors! The water guns were seriously a hit! Haha! Everyone might have been a little wet when they left!

13 Months - 24 Months

Coffee, since the party was a little early.

Cereal and Yogart, we also had a breakfast casserole that was DELICIOUS! I didn't get a picture of it and it was GONE by the end!

Trevor creative directions for the cereal!

Trevor bowling children! Haha! 

Too much fun!

Next up, we opened presents! I'd say Brooks loved them all! Thank you so much to each and every one of you who spoiled my kiddo! Trust me, he has already busted into everything and each new toy is his new favorite!

New backpack, new boots, new water bottle. We are set!

I love seeing a house full of people!
Ice cream sandwiches of course! He was a little more concerned about making a mess this year! Haha!

He insisted on the double sunglasses. I think at one point he had 3 pair on! Haha! 

Such a cool kid!

As we were wrapping up the party, Brooks of course wanted to get wet again. Several of the kiddos jumped back in the pool and did the slip-n-slide again! I love that they loved it so much!!

This was Brooks' big gift from us and grandparents! A NEW TRAMPOLINE!! We are having so much fun on it already!

We celebrated on Saturday, June 30th, but Brooks' actual birthday is July 1st. I was at church all morning and Trevor actually had to work. We are so thankful for grandma's who like to spoil little 2 year olds! Brooks and Rhett spent the morning with Grandma and he was surprised with Birthday Pancakes!!! :)

That afternoon/evening we hung out as a family. We swam, rode the ranger, ate pizza and ice cream and celebrated another year with our sweet baby.
Happy Birthday Brooks! We love you so much! Your personality is shining through more and more each day and I love watching you grow and become a little boy. You steal my heart on a daily basis (along with testing my patience! haha!) but I couldn't ask for a more precious child! Love you sweet boy!

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