My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Morris Brothers 24 & 9

How is my baby already 2!!! I can't believe it! And how has Rhett already been out for as long as he was in!?

I am officially done taking monthly pictures of this one. I told myself I wanted to do it for 2 years, so now I just have to remember with the second child. For some reason, that is always hard to do. Poor second children! Haha!

Brooks is 31 lbs 6 oz (85th percentile)
Height is 2’ 11” (79th percentile)
Head circumference is 49.5 cm (71st percentile)

What Rhett is up to:
Weight is 18 lbs 11.5 oz
Height is 2’ 3.75” (25th percentile)
Head Circumference is 44.5 cm (34th percentile)
So crazy again, but I went back to read my 9 month post about Brooks and they are almost identical again this month.
*CRAWLING! Both boys mastered crawling just before 9 months. Rhett has been inch worming for a little while now, but just started crawling the other day. To be honest, I think it's easier for him to inch worm on the concrete floors, I'm sure it hurts his knees a little to crawl.
*He is able to lay down and sit up all on his own. This caused our naps to be terrible for a couple weeks. He would sit up in his crib and refuse to lay back down. So he would just cry and cry until I would give in and go rock him to sleep. Then, he would only stay asleep if I continued to hold him. We got some great snuggles for a couple weeks.
*Lots of new noises and a lot of spit! Ha!
*He has started holding his own bottle. I have been quite excited for this day because when you are chasing after a toddler, sometimes it's hard to take time to sit and feed the baby. The little stinker doesn't like to hold his bottle though. Only if I truly make him will he actually hold it! Ha! He really likes undivided attention from me!
*We have TWO teeth!!! Rhett now has his two bottom teeth!

Here is our month in pictures...
Mowing like dad...I wish that little mower worked!
Funny thing: Brooks calls mowers, mowmers haha! 
I got a ton of new books when I went to our National Convention, so I had to take some fun pictures!

This little boy LOVES the Ranger. We go on daily Ranger Rides and he is in heaven. 

He is also obsessed with sunglasses lately! So cute!

Holding on for dear life!

It's so sweet when they play together!! It seriously makes this mama's heart happy!

We loved having company in town!!!

We loved getting to celebrate Jude turning 3!! And, Brooks loved the cake! :) We love you sweet boy!

We did a crazy thing this month and got, not guinea pigs, guinea hens! They are basically the ugliest bird around! Ha! We read that they eat ticks and run off snakes and we have a tick and snake problem, so WIN WIN! They are just babies right now, but they are growing rather quickly! Brooks loves to pet them. He won't hold one yet, but I'm sure the time is coming!

GiGi and Great Grandpa built a second swing, but they still like swinging together. They probably won't be able to do this much longer, they are both getting so big!

Like I said, we napped together a lot there for a couple weeks! Thankfully, little man is back to napping on his own!

Brooks loving on it and Winston trying to eat it! 

Someone got a TRAMPOLINE for their birthday!!!  He is loving it! 

Just reading The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth while holding his sweet mammoth!

Here we are again!


Crawling machine!

We LOVE the zoo! It's getting so hot that it's hard to find time to go.

I'm sure their matching shirt days are short lived, so I'm loving it while I can!

TRAIN RIDES at the zoo!

My little fish!

Driving through the pasture!

These two crack me up!

When shopping with Brooks, you have to find something to entertain him!

Busy Car Book! He asks to read this EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Sweet Rhett

Our little book nook!

<3 these two!

I Voted!! And it doesn't count unless you take a picture of it! Haha! 

the poop book...

I loved printing these for Brooks's birthday and seeing all the changes!! 

A deer in our side yard one morning!

Blueberry picking with friends

Seriously, one of my FAVORITE pictures of Rhett! 

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  1. The boys are adorable. Loved the pictures of the books surrounding them.
    The little ones do grow fast.