My Family

My Family

Monday, July 30, 2018

July Date Night

Wow, where did July go! This month was a whirlwind to say the least. We made the most of our time together because there certainly wasn't a lot of it. We also started doing a new workout which gives us Wednesday's off, so we might be switching our date nights to Wednesdays for a little while. This month we still stuck with Thursdays...even though it was more just whenever we had a moment.

July 5th: Since we are halfway through the year, we thought it would be a good idea to look at the goals we made at the beginning of the year. We crossed off the ones we have accomplished and even changed a couple because our priorities shifted a little. It was good for both of us to look at these closely and really examine what we want out of the next 6 months.

July 12th: I actually left for South Dakota on this day, so we didn't really get a date night. Trevor was really nice and ended up meeting me for lunch before I headed out of town. He was also so sweet and the day I got home, I arrived at 5am, he rushed outside and took over with the boys so I could get some sleep. On Tuesday he also took off half a day just to hang out with me and then on Wednesday he left work early to go to the doctor with me because both boys were running a fever! Basically, we didn't have a "date night" but we had time together. It wasn't necessarily quality time, but it was time that made me feel so supported!

July 19th: We decided to move our date night to Saturday and have a whole DATE DAY! We went to the Farmers Market in downtown BA because we have talked about going for over a year and haven't made it yet. Brooks had a GREAT time in the splash pad.

I love their sweet relationship!
After the splash pad and the farmers market, we headed to build a bear. After the whole Build a Bear craze, I realized that they do a birthday bear where you pay the age of your child and get a standard birthday bear. I thought Brooks would really enjoy that, so we headed to the mall.

We named his Grizzly

I was right! He loved it and has slept with Grizzly every night since.

July 26th: We moved to Friday night because we had some plans on Thursday and ended up getting the boys down later than expected. Trevor planned this one and it was fun. We moved all the furniture in our house and made it a dance floor. We made a 2-stepping playlist together and then danced the night away. So much fun!

Happy Dating!

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