My Family

My Family

Friday, June 29, 2018

June Date Nights

For some reason my brain is so fried right now. I sat down to write this and I can’t remember much from June other than we celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Today was a little rough. My sweet husband got home from work and told me to get out of the house for a moment. So, I’m currently sitting on our new trampoline all by myself and my first thought was to catch up on blogging. I love blogging and reflecting on what we did the last month. Especially date nights. It helps me see if we were a little lazy in our attempts or if we hit some home runs. Some months are more creative than others, some months we just get by because we are so tired, but we are committed to making this a priority in our marriage. I am so thankful we are both on the same page about date night. We give each other grace when we didn’t have much time to plan a date and we have fun together no matter what we are doing!

Here we go:
June 7th: Our Anniversary was the Monday before this, so we considered that our “date night.” You can read about it here

June 14th: We had some friends over for dinner. Megan and Hunter, thank you for coming to our house and hanging out. We had such a great time talking, catching up and getting to know y’all more! 

June 21st: Awhile back we started working on a family mission statement. So, Trevor had planned for us to finish that family mission statement and design how we wanted it on our wall. Well, we ended up brainstorming and we got a little side-tracked. So, I’d say our date was doing a little interior designing. I can’t wait to actually put our plan into action and see the finished product. I’ll give more detail to this later! ;)

June 28th: I have no idea! This was only a few days ago and I’m drawing a blank...I told you, my brain is mush right now! Haha! I think we relaxed. We started watching Seinfeld awhile back and so I think we might have just hung out on the couch and watched a couple episodes. This is why I take pictures of everything. My memory is terrible these days! 

My goal next month is to remember what we did! Ha! Life happens and that’s okay! Happy dating!

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