My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fourth of July, 2018

I'm only 2 weeks late on getting this post done! Ha!

We had a few Fourth of July celebrations since the actual 4th was on a Wednesday this year. It's like we were all confused. Do we celebrate the weekend before, the day of or the weekend after. How about a celebration all week long! Haha!

Our first celebration was the weekend before at our friends annual party! Thank you to the Swansons for hosting so many people and including us in your celebration. We had a GREAT time! This is where Brooks became obsessed with the parachute fireworks. He loved chasing them!

Our second celebration was with our life group. We meet on Tuesdays every week, so we turned this one into a fun family night with dinner and swimming.

Our third and final celebration was actually on the 4th. We hung out with family, swam with the kiddos, ate dinner and lots of dessert and watched lots of fireworks.

Any excuse to get to hang out with my family is a great day in my book! :)
And I LOVED seeing Brooks find so much joy in fireworks. It really is the coolest thing to re-experience things for the first time through your kiddos eyes. So much fun!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY (1 week and 6 days late)!

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