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My Family

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rhett is 10 Months

How is my sweet baby 10 MONTHS old! I can't believe I am already having to think about a first birthday party! WOW!

Well, this was a big month for both boys to be honest.

What Rhett has been up to:
*We have 5 teeth! So crazy! So we are drooling A LOT!
*Still not really a fan of table food, but it does provide a little entertainment.
*Crawling FAST! He can get anywhere he sets his mind to very quickly. He does not like to miss out on anything. If me and Brooks go in the bathroom, he is following us in there just so he is not left out. He also has a unique crawl because I think the concrete floors hurt his knees.
*We are back to a pretty solid scheduled of 2 naps a day which means we are on a complete opposite schedule as brother. But, that's okay. That gives me one-on-one time with both of them.
*We have LOTS of spit! Haha!

Although I'm not doing monthly photos of Brooks anymore, he has had a big month as well. He is officially potty trained! It was really crazy how all of that happened. He basically took the reins and potty trained himself. I had him wear underwear on day when we were home and he ended up having an accident. From that point on, it's like he knew he didn't want to have another accident, so he started asking if I would take him to go potty. We have been in underwear since. We wear pull-ups if we are going to be out and about just in case, but if we are home, it's underwear all the way! Wahoo! So proud of this little boy. He is also speaking in sentences. Obviously he leaves out a few words, but it is incredible to me how much he is talking and communicating. SO COOL!

Ranger rides to look at the hay bales! 

Brooks loves checking out the guineas. We finally got a neat pen built for them, so Brooks' responsibility is to help dad feed and water the guineas. He looks forward to it every day. 

Brooks LOVED the elephant in his church!

Funny story here...I had to hand out at my in-laws for the day because our internet was out and I needed to work. My mom even came over to help with the boys so I could get a few things done. Well, while my mom was hanging out with Brooks, he locked himself in the bathroom. We weren't able to get in open for about 20 minutes. Thankfully, he didn't really freak out. We just kept telling him to pretend he's taking a shower! Haha! When we finally got the door open, this was what we found! ...

He's the cutest! Thank you Addison for this sweet towel!

We ended up making a last minute trip to South Dakota and this guy was amazing in the car. Usually movies/shows don't entertain him, but this trip he was totally in love with the show If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I just randomly downloaded that one thinking, he likes the book so I wonder if he'll like the show. It was a lifesaver on our trip!

Our sleeping arrangements...Rhett was shoved in the bathroom!

Bath time entertainment!

His face when we go through a car wash! Haha!

We had a couple days when both boys were sick this month. Lots of snuggles and couch time!

Happy Baby!

Trevor and I have been doing a new workout program...this is what happens when we attempt to work out while the boys are still awake. Haha! 


On July 22nd, the boys got a cousin!!! We love you so much Brynlee!

I love that he loves reading! 

He also loves Walk the Moon and watching/dancing to their music videos. Haha! 

Ranger rides...and two baby fawns

Play time with friends.

Bubby always wanting to do what big brother is doing!

Guinea Update!

Loving this new shirt!

Snuggles from this guy!

Life.Church BA Pool Side Get Together

Reading to Grizzly!

So proud of him!

Mowing with Great Grandma

Heavy lifter!

Baby Brynlee's 1st week pic!

Zoo day with friends!

Zoo Ride

LEGO's for DAYS!

Work out buddies!

So cute!

I have no words!

My church came out with this awesome app....Bible Lens....go download it!, NOW!

Brooks wanted to be like Rhett!

Brooks is obsessed with Baby Brynlee. He asks to see pictures of her every day. So sweet!

He's the sweetest!
July was so good to us. The boys are so much fun to hang out with every day. I also love watching them interact and play more and more...with that comes lots of talks about sharing, but we work daily to love each other and have each other's backs.

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