My Family

My Family

Friday, July 28, 2017

July Date Nights

We had some good and some not so good date nights this month. Haha! You win some and you lose some. :)

July 6th: I planned this date night. I read about something similar online and really liked the idea, so I have been waiting for the weather to cooperate. We had a drive-in movie night at home. I rented the movie Collateral Beauty and we loaded up the back of Trevor's truck with pillows and blankets. I made sure my computer was charged and we had a great night.

July 13th: Trevor planned this one. He planned this one with our old neighbors and friends Randy, Cassie, Jason and Morghan. Trevor and I went to dinner at Main Street Tavern and then we met up with our friends at Roof Top for Trivia Night. I probably said 5 times this night "don't let me forget to get a picture" but of course, here we are with no picture! :( That's okay though, we had a great time with great friends. We definitely were not great at Trivia, but we had a good time trying. I do believe Randy and Cassie were the smartest of us all! Thanks for keeping our team afloat!

July 20th: I was feeling a little stressed about finding the right couch for our house, so Trevor threw out the idea to go couch shopping on our date night. We weren't able to find a sitter for Brooks, so we decided to take him with us. We first went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe and got dinner and then we headed to a few stores. Well, Brooks was pretty terrible the whole time. Ha! He usually enjoys being in his stroller, but he wasn't having it. He wanted to be independent and walk/crawl around by himself. He was just learning to walk so he was anxious to be out of the stroller and trying his new moves, which I totally understand. But, it made couch shopping rather challenging. The good news is, we found a couch. It was the very last store we were planning to go to and the last couch that we decided to take time to look at.

So, overall it was a good date because we found a couch. Trevor and I both probably hit a small breaking point with Brooks throughout the date, but it was a good date. Haha!

July 27th: We didn't have a date night. :( We were leaving the next day to go to Michigan and we both had several things that we needed to accomplish before we left, so we made a deal to have two dates in Michigan, which we did. I will share them in our August Date Nights since they both occurred in August. Again, you win some and you lose some. The point is, make date night a priority!

Happy Dating!

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