My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brooks is 5 Months!

Here we are again, already a month later than the last time I did one of these! Nothing huge has changed this month, but we are growing like a weed!!! We play hard and we sleep hard! However, at about 19 and half weeks we did a terrible sleep regression thing. I googled it and apparently it is common, but my was no fun! The first night when he got up crying in the middle of the night I thought he was sick or teething or I don't know, you just assume something is wrong when things don't go as planned. We were used to not getting up at all in the middle of the night and then all of a sudden, he's waking up 5 times a night! The first couple nights we got up with him and tried to soothe him, but after that we kind of just let him cry it out. He would only cry for about 10 minutes and eventually put himself back to sleep. Thankfully, all that funny business only lasted about a week. 

Here are our weekly photos for this month...

18 Weeks
19 Weeks
20 Weeks

21 Weeks....and we have officially started grabbing our props! Ha! Future pictures will be fun!
Brooks is still an outside guy. If he gets fussy, I take him outside and he is instantly better. We sit outside and relax a little usually before naps. 

We had our 4 month checkup on November 2nd. I made Trevor go with me this time because I knew Brooks had to get shots and I was not going to do that alone again!
He did much better and didn't cry as much this go around. We left and Trevor said "that wasn't that bad!" Of course Brooks would handle it wayyyyy better when Trevor was there. He was a little tired and out of it most of the day.
November 3rd...everyone loves a cute towel pic!

We are starting to like tummy time more and more these days. Oh and WE ROLLED OVER!!! I was at my parents and I was showing them how he is somewhat liking tummy time and the next thing I know, he is on his back! Since Trevor was out of town he wasn't able to see it until he got back, but Brooks has done it several times now! So cool!!!

November 5th....OSU vs Kansas State
Me and Brooks at church. He loves music thankfully, because he has to listen to me practice all day, every day!
You may have read about our crazy trip to Fort Worth. But if you didn't, here are some fun pictures!

A car full of car seats!

These are the best friends a girl can ask for!

Love these cuties to pieces!!


Oh Brooks...

This is the only picture Trevor sent me of his hunting trip. Maybe I can get more and blog about his trip.

After our trip to Fort Worth, I realized Brooks was ready for his jumper. He loves it!

November 10th

My parents watched Brooks so I could have a night out with these ladies!

GO POKES!! OSU vs Tech!

November 13th

These towels just make me smile!

November 16th

Sitting up like a big kid! He also scratched his nose.

He loves that little giraffe!

He also loves watching football with his dad!

He usually doesn't make it through the whole thing though.

November 19th...OSU vs TCU

These three...
Winston better watch out because those hands will grab onto anything these days!

Poor Winston
This year for Thanksgiving we headed to Kansas to visit my grandparents. You can read all about it here. But here are a few cute pics!

November 26th

I LOVE this kid so much! 

Trevor and I went exploring our soon-to-be new home!

Our soon-to-be front porch view! More to come on this later :)
We had a great time visiting Santa and seeing all the Christmas lights at Guthrie Green. Again, you can read about that here! These are some of the cutest pics!

Brooks Gabriel, there are no words to describe the love I have for you! I have never had more fun in my life! I love getting to be your mom and make you smile and laugh, that is the best feeling in the world! Thank you, Jesus for giving me this precious gift! "Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him." Psalms 127:3

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