My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Brooks is 2 MONTHS!!!

Weight: 11 lbs 2.5 oz (20%)
Height: 22.5 in (24%)
Head Circumference: 15.25 in (35%)

I'd say he is just PERFECT!!!!

I can't believe this cutie is 2 MONTHS today! I am definitely soaking up every minute, but time sure does go quickly and they grow so fast! I'm loving every little new and exciting thing that comes our way.

Here is what the last month consisted of...

Taking naps in our room! He sleeps all night in his crib, but nap time happens all over the house! Whiskey is a good watch dog too!

August 1st: Life group swim party

1 month check up

August 4: Cutest alligator I've ever seen!

5 Week Pic!
On August 5th we took a trip to OKC because our friends, Jessica and Chris, were getting married. We decided to go on Friday and stay the night with our friends, Adam and Lisa. It was soooo good to see them and get to spend an evening with them! Thank you for opening up your home to us!
Brooks did great! On Saturday Lisa and I went and got pedicures and the boys went to Cabela's. We then met up at Old Chicago for lunch. After lunch we just relaxed and watched the Olympics. It was such a nice afternoon just taking it easy. Brooks might have enjoyed it the most.
Look at those lips!
We then headed into Edmond for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and Brooks did alright through most of it. He, of course, had his cranky moments!

Love these ladies!
What a natural!!
So glad we were able to make the trip and celebrate with the Rosses!

August 7th: Relaxing on a Sunday

Where's Waldo...or Winston

My mom made these adorable letters to go in Brooks' room. I absolutely love them! She is so creative.

August 9th: Snuggles with dad. 

August 10th: Sitting up like a big kid!
We love being outside...even when it's HOT HOT HOT out there!

August 12th: He loves Winston!

6 week photo!
Well, you can tell his dad dressed him because he has a sports onesie on. I like stripes and preppy outfits...Trevor always grabs the sports ones. Unfortunately, he only got to wear this onesie once. It is currently in a dumpster somewhere covered in poop!! I decided to go to Sam's to pick up a few things that we needed. Well, Brooks had a BLOWOUT in his carseat on the way there. There was hardly any poop in his diaper, it somehow managed to cover the carseat though. I almost just threw the carseat away! And then I remembered how expensive they are! Ha! I went through a package and a half of wipes...yes, 150 get him and the carseat clean. I used every last wipe I had and then I bought more while I was at Sam's. I'd like to say I handled it like a champ...but I didn't! At one point I just lost it and called Trevor in tears! Somehow we managed to get everything we needed at Sam's and we made it home alive!

August 13th: We enjoyed celebrating Trevor's stepdad's birthday! Happy Birthday Tony!

August 14th: I could watch him sleep all day long!

He LOVES being in his baby carrier!

And I LOVE these towel pics! 
August 15th

Winston taking us on a walk!

August 17th

He's perfect
The puppies love being in Brooks' room!

Trevor sent me this pic when I was in Delaware! LOVE that smile!
7 Week pic...again, you can tell his daddy dressed him. Lots of orange! :)

I love that I got to wake up to this smile on my last day in Delaware!

August 22nd

And this is proof we have some rough moments!!

August 24th: I seriously love how much our pups love him!

Yes, this child has taken over my camera!

8 week photo

Flying Tee

August 27th: Celebrating Tony's Birthday!

August 27th: swimming day! He wasn't a fan at first, but eventually he liked it!

I just can't stop smiling when I see this pic! 

I'm having too much fun!!

August 29th: Tummy time

baby feet and puppy paws!
August 30th: wiggle worm!

2 month check-up!!

Brooks, you are simply the perfect addition to our family. I totally get it when people say they don't remember life without kids...I don't know what I did all day before you! I am loving every minute of being your mom!, I'm still getting used to that word! I love you so much! 

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