My Family

My Family

Monday, September 5, 2016

St. John Promo

When I blogged about Brooks' 3rd week, I mentioned that a friend asked us to do a little photo shoot for a St. John promo. I, of course, said yes! It wasn't guaranteed to be used for anything, but I would get a copy of one of the pictures, so it was worth it to me. ;)

Well, last week a friend of mine tagged me in a post that St. John had used our photo! 
So cool!!!

This little boy seriously makes me so happy! I am just so in love!

And on a side note, I'm truly honored to be used for this St. John promo! We had the BEST experience there! If you have an option, I would definitely consider St. John. The nurses were phenomenal and always made me feel so at ease and cared for. It was the best experience for such an amazing, scary and life changing day! No, I was not paid to say any of that!! ;) 

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