My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

These Babies!!

Parker Marie, Charlie Ford, Brooks Gabriel and Graham Robert
Aren't they the cutest!!!!

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile just to capture all of these pictures in one place. As many of you know, Trevor and I are in a young marrieds life group. Our life group has recently gone through several changes, so this is referring to our "old" life group. Here is a picture of everyone in our "old" life group.
What you might not know looking at this picture is, there are 6 couples and 4 of us were pregnant at the same time!...actually there were 4 of us pregnant in this particular photo! Ha! We had so much fun taking pictures together throughout our pregnancies. It was also such a blessing to have an instant support group, a group of ladies who can relate to you and be there for you when you get scared or nervous and also to celebrate with you when we each found out we were pregnant and through all the small victories!

Reagan's shower (2/6/16)

Shelby's shower (2/27/16)

This was taken at my shower...Shelby is not there because she was having her baby!! (4/2/16)

We love lil miss PARKER MARIE!!!
We then got to welcome CHARLIE FORD to the group! (5/23/16)
Meredith's shower (6/4/16)
We then got to welcome BROOKS GABRIEL and GRAHAM ROBERT! (9/4/16)
I absolutely LOVE these woman and their precious babies!
The progression of these pictures just cracks me up!

I love that Brooks instantly has the best of friends!!!! I love getting to do life with you all...even Shelby who is now miles away. Love you girls and your precious little ones! Thank you for all the support during this life changing time! I can't wait to watch these babies grow up together.

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