My Family

My Family

Monday, March 28, 2016

The CRIB is finished!!

My husband is truly amazing!!

It is beautiful!!!

A few years ago my grandpa build me the rocking chair you see in the first picture. It, of course, was meant for a future nursery, so when Trevor and I started thinking about furniture for the nursery, we thought it would be neat to try and get the crib to match the rocking chair. We weren't planning on matching it exactly, since my grandpa had built the rocking chair and Trevor was planning on building the crib, but we thought we could make them close. We mentioned this to my grandparents over Thanksgiving this past year when we shared the news with them that we were pregnant, and my grandpa said he still had a ton of the walnut wood left over from the same tree the rocking chair wood came from that he had no plans for and that we could use it. We happily accepted!! We ended up going to Kansas again over Valentine's Day weekend so Trevor could start working on it and have my grandpa's help. 
They got a lot of the fundamental stuff done in Kansas and we ended up bringing all the wood home to continue working on it. Trevor's uncle also does a lot of wood working, so Trevor took it to his uncle's shop so Trevor, his uncle and dad could all help. 

They put it together before they put the clear coat stain on it and lacquer. 

And then it was COMPLETE:
That is a cowhide rug next to it, ;) we don't have big brown spots on our carpet! And of course, Winston had to be in the pic!

Now it's time to get to work on this nursery!!
Baby M, we are so excited for your arrival!!

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